Larry McMurtry: Not Without a Price

Posted by admin on Friday, March 26, 2021

Larry McMurtry Money Quote saying we most often pay for any goodness that comes our way. Larry McMurtry said:
Nothing good ever comes without a price Quote

Nothing good ever comes without a price” — Larry McMurtry


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Larry McMurtry is saying that to attain or achieve anything positive or beneficial, there is always a cost or price that must be paid. In other words, good things in life do not simply materialize without some kind of sacrifice, effort, struggle or loss.

Whether it is money, time, energy or other resources, McMurtry is asserting that gaining valuable or desirable outcomes and experiences requires giving something up or paying a price in order to obtain them. His quote suggests that one should not expect to gain rewards or advantages without also shouldering some form of burden, requirement or trade-off.

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