John Nash: Money as a Public Utility

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John Nash Money Quote saying we have the same need for money as power and running water, so it could be called a utility. John Nash said:
Money may become comparable to 'public utility' like the supply of electric energy or water Quote

“Money may become as comparable to the quality of some ‘public utility’ like the supply of electric energy or of water” — John Nash


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In this quote, John Nash is drawing an analogy between money and essential utilities or resources that society relies upon. By suggesting money may become as fundamental “as the supply of electric energy or of water”, Nash implies money could potentially function as a basic necessity or public good, much like utilities that power modern life.

The interpretation is that Nash envisioned the possibility of money being managed and distributed more like a public resource to ensure its steady, widespread availability to all members of a community. His view seems to have been that money may need to be considered and regulated similarly to vital infrastructure and utilities, to guarantee its stable, equitable provision just as public utilities aim to do for energy and water access.

Overall, the quote conveys Nash’s perspective that money could potentially take on the role and importance of a basic public service or utility that underpins social and economic participation for all.

Birthday: January 18, 1752 – Death: May 13, 1835

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