Joe Bageant: Greed A Virtue

Posted by admin on Sunday, December 31, 2023

Meaning of Joe Bageant Money Quote: saying the United States has redefined the word greed as ‘drive’ to make it a virtue for those that can’t work enough. Joe Bageant said:
This is America, where greed is christened

“This is America, where greed is christened “drive” and is deemed a virtue” — Joe Bageant


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Joe Bageant is criticizing how greed is viewed in American culture. He argues that greed, which is typically seen as a negative trait, is rebranded as “drive” and portrayed as a virtuous quality in America.

By calling greed “drive” it makes pursuing wealth and material goods solely for personal gain seem respectable and admirable.

However, Bageant believes greed should not be praised or encouraged as a virtue in society.

Overall, the quote suggests American values glorify greed and prioritize personal wealth accumulation over other considerations like community or equality.

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