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Jean Racine Money Quotation saying honorable rich is perceived by men to be healthier and robust than honorable poor. Jean Racine said:
Jean Racine Without money honor is merely a disease quote

“Without money honor is merely a disease” — Jean Racine


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In this quote, French dramatist Jean Racine is commenting on the relationship between money, honor and social standing. He argues that without financial resources, the concept of “honor” essentially becomes an unhealthy obsession or “disease”.

Racine is suggesting that personal integrity, reputation and dignity (i.e. honor) mean very little if one does not also have wealth to back it up and confer real status in society. The quote implies that money is necessary to give honor true substance and value – without wealth, the pursuit or fixation on honor alone could veer into an irrational or even pathological territory.

Overall, Racine appears to be stating that financial capital is just as important as social or moral capital in terms of one’s influence and respectability within their community.

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