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Posted by admin on Sunday, August 30, 2020

James Wolfensohn Money Quote saying that poverty is often turned into a game of stats and data when it’s more about people and humanity. James Wolfensohn said:
The issue of poverty is not a statistical issue. It is a human issue Quote

“The issue of poverty is not a statistical issue. It is a human issue” — James Wolfensohn


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In this quote, James Wolfensohn seems to be emphasizing that poverty should not be viewed or addressed in purely numerical terms. By stating that poverty is “not a statistical issue” but rather “a human issue”, Wolfensohn implies the experience of lacking resources cannot be fully understood through aggregate data alone, but must also be comprehended on an individual level through humanizing each person’s circumstances and struggles.

The quote conveys Wolfensohn’s perspective that discussing poverty using only numbers risks depersonalizing its impacts, whereas recognizing poverty’s human toll is necessary to genuinely grapple with its complex realities and find workable solutions.

Overall, Wolfensohn appears to be advocating seeing poverty not as an abstract concept but as an issue intimately affecting people’s well-being, livelihoods and dignity in order to properly address its causes and consequences.

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