Henry Blodget on Employees as Assets

Posted by admin on Sunday, September 1, 2013

Henry Blodget Money Quotation saying employees are not a ‘cost’ they are assets with value to a company beyond their ROI. Henry Blodget said:
There's No 'Law Of Capitalism' That Says You Have To Pay Employees As Little As Possible Quote

“There’s No ‘Law Of Capitalism’ That Says You Have To Pay Employees As Little As Possible” — Henry Blodget


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In this quote, Henry Blodget is challenging the common belief that within a capitalist system, businesses are obligated to minimize labor costs and pay employees as little as possible. Blodget argues this is an oversimplification and not an inherent rule of capitalism.

He appears to be suggesting that companies can choose to operate humanely and compensate workers fairly, even if not required to by law, as a matter of ethics and in recognition of employeescontributions.

The quote conveys Blodget’s view that capitalism’s principles do not preclude prioritizing workers’ well-being over maximizing profits, and that businesses have flexibility as well as responsibility in how they structure compensation and treat their staff.

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