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Posted by admin on Thursday, January 4, 2024

Meaning of Graham Greene Money Quote: saying we grow up creating memories to build our adult life and create ourselves. Graham Greene said:
Childhood is the writer’s bank balance Quote

“Childhood is the writer’s bank balance” — Graham Greene


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In this quote, Graham Greene is drawing a comparison between a writer’s childhood experiences and their bank balance or financial resources as an author. He seems to be suggesting that the memories, people, places and emotions from one’s childhood serve as rich source material that a writer can continually draw from to inform their creative work.

Just as money in a bank can be withdrawn over time to support oneself financially, the “deposits” a writer stores up from childhood – in the form of observations, stories, feelings and insights – can be mined and invested throughout their career as raw material for their novels, short stories, poems and other writings.

So Greene portrays a writer’s childhood as an invaluable lifelong asset or “bank balance” that replenishes their creative capacity.

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