George Bernard Shaw: Poverty Blights Souls

Posted by admin on Thursday, September 27, 2018

George Bernard Shaw Money Quote saying Poverty infects everything that comes near it with all its associated evils. George Bernard Shaw said:
Poverty blights whole cities and strikes dead souls Quote

“Poverty blights whole cities; spreads horrible pestilences; strikes dead the very souls of all who come within sight, sound, or smell of it” — George Bernard Shaw


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George Bernard Shaw is saying that poverty has far-reaching negative effects. It can damage entire cities by spreading diseases (“pestilences”) and destroying people’s spirits or humanity (“strikes dead the very souls”).

Even being exposed to poverty from a distance, through sight, sound or smell, is enough to negatively impact people. The best interpretation is that Shaw saw poverty as a force that degrades living conditions and humanity on both individual and community-wide levels.

He felt its corrosive influence could be felt even by those not directly experiencing lack of resources or opportunity.

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