Earl Derr Biggers: Money Deaf

Posted by admin on Sunday, May 15, 2022

Earl Derr Biggers Money Quote saying it’s impossible not to hear money talking. Earl Derr Biggers said:
When money talks, few are deaf Quote

“When money talks, few are deaf” — Earl Derr Biggers


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In this quote, Earl Derr Biggers is commenting on the power and influence of money. The best interpretation is that Biggers believes money has a way of attracting attention and gaining compliance from many people.

The quote suggests that when financial opportunities or incentives are presented, very few will ignore or refuse them, since money holds such sway and importance for most. Biggers sees money as a highly motivating factor that is difficult for “few” to disregard or turn a deaf ear to.

The message conveyed is that money carries weight in driving behaviors and decisions because it remains a priority and force to be reckoned with for many individuals.

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