Dominick Dunne: Fascinated by Rich

Posted by admin on Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dominick Dunne Money Quote saying most people want to hear about rich, wealthy characters in fiction – so writers give us what we want. Dominick Dunne said:
People are fascinated by the rich: Shakespeare wrote plays about kings, not beggars Quote

“People are fascinated by the rich: Shakespeare wrote plays about kings, not beggars” — Dominick Dunne


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In this quote, Dominick Dunne seems to be commenting on human nature and the allure of wealth and status. A few key points:

  • He notes that people are inherently “fascinated by the rich”, implying wealth and the lifestyles of the affluent tend to capture public attention and interest.
  • Dunne cites Shakespeare as an example, pointing out that the famous playwright chose to write about kings and royalty rather than ordinary commoners or “beggars”.
  • This suggests stories about the very wealthy and powerful have greater appeal and entertainment value compared to tales focusing on poverty-stricken individuals.
  • The quote conveys Dunne’s view that there is widespread fascination with the lives of the rich and famous, as they represent prestige, intrigue and a world most will never access.

Overall, Dominick Dunne appears to be observing that works of art often depict the upper classes rather than the lower classes, reflecting people’s natural interest in wealth, status and the lifestyles of the elite over ordinary lives of hardship.

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