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Posted by admin on Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Meaning of Dejan Stojanovic Money Quote: saying it can be so expensive to speak your piece truth that you remain silent. Dejan Stojanovic said:
How many unuttered words died in the heads of those for whom a word was too expensive Quote

“How many unuttered words died in the heads of those for whom a word was too expensive” — Dejan Stojanovic


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In this quote, Dejan Stojanovic is commenting on how poverty of means can impoverish self-expression and silence voices. He suggests that throughout history, there have been countless thoughts, ideas and stories that went unspoken by people who could not afford the basic costs (whether time, money, resources or safety) of giving voice to their perspectives and experiences.

Stojanovic’s quote highlights how lack of economic and social capital can effectively censor the less privileged by making a “word” or act of communication too costly to risk.

He seems to be arguing that comprehensive histories and cultures cannot truly be understood without also considering the narratives left untold due to the realities of living in conditions where having a public voice carried too high a price.

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