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Posted by admin on Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Catherine Zeta-Jones Money Quote saying movie stars are very well compensated, everyone is aware of that. So why obfuscate? Catherine Zeta-Jones said:
Everyone knows we get paid a lot of money, so why pretend otherwise? Quote

“Everyone knows we get paid a lot of money, so why pretend otherwise?” — Catherine Zeta-Jones


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In this quote, Catherine Zeta-Jones is directly acknowledging what is generally known – that actors in Hollywood earn very high salaries. She is saying there is no point pretending or being modest about how much money actors make.

Zeta-Jones’ point seems to be that it is widely understood within the industry and by the public that successful actors can command and do earn enormous paychecks for their work. So rather than deny or downplay how much actors are paid, she is saying there is no use pretending about the large financial compensation involved in top acting roles.

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