Bernard M. Baruch: Turning a Profit

Posted by admin on Saturday, April 22, 2023

Meaning of Bernard M. Baruch Money Quote: saying turning a profit of any amount is the sure way not to lose money. Bernard M. Baruch said:

I never lost money by turning a profit Quote

“I never lost money by turning a profit” — Bernard M. Baruch


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This quote is suggesting that one should not be greedy and try to maximize profits at all costs, because being overly aggressive can sometimes backfire and result in losses. Bernard Baruch was an American financier and statesman, so the quote is coming from the perspective of sound business and investment advice.

It means that making a reasonable profit on a transaction or investment is generally a safe and reliable way to make money, whereas trying to squeeze out every last penny of potential gain could introduce unnecessary risks that end up losing one’s capital.

The overall message is that consistency and moderation in profit-taking is a smarter strategy than gambling in hopes of maximizing returns.

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