Adele: Rather Spend on Booze

Posted by admin on Sunday, May 5, 2019

Adele Money Quote saying clothes are not important to all entertainers and some prefer other extravagances. Adele said:
I don't care about clothes, I'd rather spend my money on cigarettes and booze Quote

“I don’t care about clothes, I’d rather spend my money on cigarettes and booze” — Adele


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In this quote, Adele is being candid about her personal spending priorities and preferences. She states that she does not place much value on clothing and fashion, and would rather spend her money on cigarettes and alcohol. The quote conveys Adele’s attitude that material goods like clothes are less important to her than fleeting pleasures like smoking and drinking.

It provides insight into her mindset at a particular time that immediate gratification through vices held more appeal than acquiring possessions.

Overall, Adele is acknowledging that her spending habits are guided more by desires for vice over vanity or materialism. The quote hints at a carefree rock star lifestyle focused on indulgence rather than image or luxury goods.

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