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Stephen Bennett on Motivation Lacking

Posted by admin on Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Stephen Bennett Money Quotation saying we get what we seek, if cash is all we want, no happiness will be attached to the goal. Stephen Bennett said:
Stephen Bennett If you only do it for money, that's only what you get quote

“If you only do it for money, that’s only what you get” — Stephen Bennett


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In this quote, author Stephen Bennett seems to be cautioning that if a person’s sole or primary motivation for their work or endeavors is financial gain, then monetary compensation will likely be all they achieve. Bennett implies that pursuing a career or opportunity primarily for the money will often yield only that – money – without greater fulfillment or satisfaction being obtained.

The quote conveys Bennett’s perspective that to find deeper meaning beyond superficial rewards, one’s objectives should include non-monetary passions and values, not center entirely around accumulation of wealth. He appears to be suggesting a balanced approach combining financial interests with other intrinsic motivations stands the best chance of leading to a well-rounded sense of success and purpose.

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