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Stephen Ambrose on Corporate Stinginess

Posted by admin on Friday, November 15, 2013

Stephen Ambrose Money Quotation saying U.S. corporate culture is rarely focused on how to do well by doing good, instead it is about short term performance and profit. Stephen Ambrose said:
American corporations hate to give away money Quote

“American corporations hate to give away money” — Stephen Ambrose


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In this quote, historian Stephen Ambrose seems to be making a generalization that American corporations are often reluctant to donate money to philanthropic causes.

The best interpretation is that Ambrose believed most corporations prioritize profitability and see donations as a cost rather than an investment.

However, some key aspects to note are that some companies do donate generously, attitudes can evolve over time, and financial considerations are understandable for businesses.

Overall, Ambrose appears to have felt corporate philanthropy was not always the highest priority compared to other business objectives.

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