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1 in 3 Ugandans Live on $1.25 Per Day

Posted by admin on Sunday, July 10, 2016

Panama Papers Money Quote saying In Uganda a company that wanted to sell prospective oil field paid Mossack Fonseca to help it avoid four hundred million dollars in taxes. Panama Papers ICIJ Video:

It was simple paperwork, the company’s address was changed from one tax haven to another. In a country where one in three people live on less than a dollar twenty-five a day, four hundred million dollars represents more than the governments annual health budget — Panama Papers ICIJ Video

Uganda spent years in court trying to force the company to pay its taxes.

John Doe: Financial Regulators Have Failed

Posted by admin on Sunday, June 5, 2016

John Doe (Panama Papers anonymous source) Money Quote saying the wealthy have focused on policies favorable to banks and avoidance of paying a fair share. John Doe said:

Banks, financial regulators and tax authorities have failed. Decisions have been made that have spared the wealthy while focusing instead on reining in middle- and low-income citizens
— John Doe

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