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Japanese Proverb: Persistence Tree

Posted by admin on Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Japanese Money Proverb saying there is a money tree known as trying repeatedly without giving up. Japanese Proverb:
Money grows on the tree of persistence Quote

“Money grows on the tree of persistence” — Japanese Proverb


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This Japanese proverb is conveying that financial success and prosperity come through perseverance and persistence over time, like how money literally grows on trees. The proverb uses the tree as a metaphor for ongoing, patient effort – just as a tree grows gradually through the seasons, wealth accumulation is a process that requires enduring commitment and not giving up when facing challenges or setbacks.

By keeping our “roots” of persistence planted and nurturing our efforts consistently, we can eventually reap financial “fruit” and see our hard work bear fruit. So the proverb emphasizes how sticking with something for the long haul, like caring for a tree, is what ultimately leads to reward, not short-lived bursts of activity. It highlights the importance of persevering through difficulties to attain one’s money goals in the end.

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