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Holly M Wood: Commoditize Liberty Ladders

Posted by admin on Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Holly M Wood Money Quote saying making freedom possible by selling tools to those with nothing can be very lucrative. Holly M Wood said:

Society is pretty set on giving the individual as much freedom as they want, so long as most have to start in an empty quarry and those in power can commoditize all the ladders they need to climb to get out. This kind of liberty, it turns out, is quite profitable
— Holly M Wood

Holly M. Wood: Middle Class Debt Products

Posted by admin on Saturday, November 28, 2015

Holly M. Wood Money Quotation saying our political structure puts the bank at the center of policy-making in DC so everyone carries debt for homes, education and cars to define their success. Holly M. Wood said:

This bank-centric structure of American policy has gutted the middle class by making every aspect of their well-being dependent on their accumulation of
debt products
— Holly M. Wood

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