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Posted by admin on Friday, September 2, 2022

Meaning of Zig Ziglar Money Quote: saying even when down to the last two dollars, a money belt is a good investment. Zig Ziglar said:
take my last two dollars and buy a money belt Quote

“Most people consider me an optimist because I laughingly state that I would take my last two dollars and buy a money belt” — Zig Ziglar


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In this quote, Zig Ziglar seems to be conveying his optimistic mindset around money and resourcefulness even in the face of lack or scarcity. Some key points:

  • He acknowledges that with only his “last two dollars”, most would see that as a desperate situation requiring frugality.
  • However, Ziglar humorously says that even then, he would use that small sum to purchase a “money belt” rather than just basic necessities.
  • This suggests he maintains a spirit of entrepreneurship, finding opportunity even with little, and a belief that what one carries can be turned into more through initiative, salesmanship and hustle.
  • Ziglar’s quote portrays him as someone who sees glass half full rather than empty, retaining hopefulness and a solution-oriented mindset regardless of outward conditions through a determined, optimistic lens.

Overall, Ziglar appears to be conveying his philosophy of maintaining a positive attitude and belief in one’s ability to turn meager resources into greater returns through applied effort, vision and grit rather than focusing on limitations. His humor also suggests this outlook brings him joy and energy even in the face of lack according to this perspective.

Birthday: November 6, 1926 – Death: November 28, 2012

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