Younus AlGohar: Love Cannot be Stolen

Posted by admin on Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Younus AlGohar Money Quote saying the most valuable thing is love and it cannot be stolen as can the thing more prized by those without love. Younus AlGohar said:
Younus AlGohar Money is cheap, can be Stolen. Love Wealth Unique - cannot be stolen Quote

“Money is so cheap; it can be stolen. Love is so unique a wealth that it cannot be stolen” — Younus AlGohar


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In this quote, Younus AlGohar seems to be contrasting money and wealth with the value of love. He describes money as “so cheap” and implies it can easily be taken from someone through theft since it is a tangible commodity. However, AlGohar suggests that love is a far richer and “unique wealth” that cannot be stolen in the same way due to its intrinsic and non-physical nature.

The overall interpretation is that AlGohar believes love is the most meaningful and precious form of wealth that cannot be diminished by external forces, whereas financial resources are more vulnerable and superficial in comparison according to his perspective expressed in this quote.

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