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Posted by admin on Sunday, August 18, 2013

The currency symbols for Yen (¥) the Euro (€) and the dollar ($) when displayed side by side spell YES!
Yen (¥) the Euro (€) and the dollar ($) on #WorldEmojiDay July 17 Quote

Yen (¥) the Euro (€) and the dollar ($) #WorldEmojiDay July 17


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World Emoji Day is celebrated annually on July 17th. It’s a global celebration of emoji use that encourages people to express themselves creatively using pictographs. To describe World Emoji Day using three currencies, here is an emoji response:


Which combines the Japanese Yen symbol, Euro symbol, and US Dollar symbol to spell out “Yes” using different world currencies. This playfully shows support for World Emoji Day by answering the question affirmatively through monetary pictographs, highlighting how emoji can bring people together globally through visual communication that transcends languages.

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