Winston Churchill: Time, Money Interchange

Posted by admin on Friday, November 30, 2018

Winston Churchill Money Quote saying you could say either in place of each other. Which term of time or money matters little. Winston Churchill said:
Time and money are largely interchangeable terms Quote

“Time and money are largely interchangeable terms” — Winston Churchill


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This quote by Winston Churchill suggests that time and money can often be substituted for each other. While time is limited and non-renewable, money can be used to buy more time, for example by paying others to do tasks so you have free time, or by using money to access services that save you time.

So Churchill is recognizing that while time and money are different resources, they are also related and can compensate for each other up to a point. The key message is that time and money have a close relationship and can act as substitutes in many situations, even if they are not perfectly equivalent or interchangeable.

Birthday November 30, 1874 – Died January 24, 1965


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