William Shenstone: Efficacy of Cash

Posted by admin on Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Meaning of William Shenstone Money Quote: saying that if we have friends we don’t trust, we may believe in money more. William Shenstone said:
Every single instance of a friend's insincerity increases our dependence on the efficacy of money Quote

“Every single instance of a friend’s insincerity increases our dependence on the efficacy of money” — William Shenstone


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William Shenstone seems to be suggesting that experiencing a friend’s lack of sincerity or betrayal of trust can unfortunately increase how much a person relies on or values money. His point may be that when interpersonal relationships fail us, it can strengthen our perception that money is what primarily motivates or binds relationships between people in the world.

So the more a person feels let down by insincere friends, the more they come to see financial transactions as the most dependable foundation for interactions since money provides clear and direct incentives even if emotions are not engaged.

Overall, the quote conveys that disappointments in human loyalty could potentially heighten the importance people place on financial resources as an alternative way of connecting with others according to this view.

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