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William Randolph Hearst Money Quote saying if money isn’t distributed, it may as well not be created. William Randolph Hearst said:
The distribution of wealth is just as important as its creation Quote

“The distribution of wealth is just as important as its creation” — William Randolph Hearst


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The quote is a statement made by William Randolph Hearst, a prominent media mogul and businessman, the best interpretation is:

William Randolph Hearst is emphasizing the importance of fair distribution of wealth, not just its creation. He suggests that the way wealth is distributed is just as important as the act of creating it. This implies that having a large amount of wealth is not enough; it’s also important to ensure that the wealth is distributed fairly and equitably, so that everyone has access to the resources they need to live a fulfilling life.

In other words, Hearst is highlighting the importance of social and economic justice, and the need to ensure that wealth is not concentrated in the hands of a few individuals, but rather distributed fairly among all members of society. This interpretation is consistent with Hearst’s known political views, which were generally progressive and focused on social welfare.

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