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Posted by admin on Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Will Durant Money Quote saying socialism as a philosophy can be altered with time and money. Will Durant said:
There Is Nothing In Socialism That A Little Money Or A Little Age Will Not Cure Quote

“There Is Nothing In Socialism That A Little Money Or A Little Age Will Not Cure” — Will Durant


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In this quote, Will Durant seems to be making a skeptical observation about socialism. By stating that “There is nothing in socialism that a little money or a little age will not cure”, Durant implies that greater financial security or life experience tend to diminish support for socialist ideals.

The quote conveys Durant’s perspective that socialist views are often held by those who are younger and have fewer resources, but that as people acquire wealth or mature with age, they become less inclined to support socialist policies and systems.

Overall, Durant appears to be suggesting socialist leanings are more a product of circumstance and naivete that fades rather than substantive positions, since “a little money or a little age” is enough in his view to alter one’s views on the subject.

Birthday: November 5, 1885 – Death: November 7, 1981

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