Warren Buffett: Trump Failed Leverage

Posted by admin on Monday, July 2, 2018

Warren Buffett Money Quote saying that he’s seen failure due to drinking or debt and that Donald Trump took on too much debt without the ability to repay his obligations. Warren Buffett said:
Trump Failed because of Leverage Borrowed not enough thought of how he could pay back Quote

“I’ve seen more people fail because of liquor and leverage – leverage being borrowed money. Donald Trump failed because of leverage. He simply got infatuated with how much money he could borrow, and he did not give enough thought to how much money he could pay back.” — Warren Buffett


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Warren Buffett is saying that he has observed many people fail financially due to overindulging in alcohol (“liquor”) and taking on too much debt (“leverage”). Specifically, he argues that Donald Trump failed because he became too focused on how much money he could borrow, without properly considering his ability to repay what he owed.

Buffett believes Trump took on more debt than he could reasonably handle, which ultimately led to financial difficulties. Overall, the quote is a warning about the dangers of excessive borrowing and taking on more debt than one has the means to repay.

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