Warren Buffett: Trump Terrific at Borrowing

Posted by admin on Sunday, July 1, 2018

Warren Buffett Money Quote saying Donald Trump is more interested in ostentatious display than equity and fairness in real estate and got overextended. Warren Buffett said:
Trump Overpaid for Properties, got people to lend money, never any real Equity  Quote

“Where did Donald Trump go wrong? The big problem with Donald Trump was he never went right. He basically overpaid for properties, but he got people to lend him the money. He was terrific at borrowing money. If you look at his assets, and what he paid for them, and what he borrowed to get them, there was never any real equity there” — Warren Buffett


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In this quote, Warren Buffett is criticizing Donald Trump’s past business practices related to borrowing money. Buffett says that Trump became too focused on how much money he could borrow from lenders, without properly considering whether he would be able to repay what he owed.

According to Buffett, this over-reliance on borrowed funds, or “leverage,” ultimately led to some of Trump’s business failures. Overall, Buffett is warning about the risks of taking on too much debt without having a clear plan for how to service and repay that debt over time.

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