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Walter Dellinger Money Quote saying as U.S. Solicitor General, warned the U.S. Supreme Court to declare against assisted suicide because it costs less. Walter Dellinger said:
The least costly treatment for any illness is lethal medication Quote

“The least costly treatment for any illness is lethal medication” — Walter Dellinger


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In this quote, Walter Dellinger seems to be making a commentary on approaches to healthcare and treatment. The best interpretation is:

  • Dellinger states that the most affordable way to address any medical condition or illness is through “lethal medication” – in other words, prescribing drugs or actions that end the patient’s life.
  • He implies that allowing a condition to simply take its natural course through death is the lowest-cost option from a financial perspective compared to other treatments like surgery, long-term care, or ongoing medication management.
  • Dellinger appears to be critiquing a viewpoint that prioritizes healthcare costs above all other factors, by suggesting the cheapest solution is also the deadliest one that brings no chance of recovery or long-term management of a condition.

Overall, the quote conveys Dellinger’s perspective that defining healthcare based solely on monetary costs leads to a callous conclusion that the most economical treatment is also the one that results in a patient’s death, which he aims to portray as an unacceptable standard when human life is at stake.

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