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Walter Becker Money Quote saying in lyrics for ‘Circus Money’ in 2008 recording of Steely Dan that you must pay your entrance fee to see the circus. Walter Becker said:
Dollar in Tin Cup, Circus Money Late Show Quote

“You got to have it when you first walk up You drop a dollar in the old tin cup You’re gonna need it when it’s time to go Circus money for the late late show” — Walter Becker


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In these lyrics, Walter Becker seems to be referencing the experience of panhandling or busking for money on the street. By mentioning dropping “a dollar in the old tin cup” when first approaching, Becker portrays someone giving spare change to a street performer or beggar upon initially encountering them. ;

He suggests this money will be “needed” later for purposes of entertainment or escape, referring to using it for “Circus money for the late late show”, likely meaning spending it on trivial amusements or vices at night. ;

The overall interpretation is that Becker appears to be depicting the hustle of soliciting donations from passersby, conveying how such funds are gathered casually from observers but end up serving important social or psychological needs for relief and diversion later in one’s day once the money has been obtained through appealing to people’s sympathies or interests in public.;

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