Vincent Van Gogh: Immensely Rich

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Meaning of Vincent Van Gogh Money Quote: saying having a purpose and meaning in your life makes you vastly rich. Vincent Van Gogh said:

immensely rich, not in money,  rich because I have found my metier, that gives inspiration Quote

“In my view, I am often immensely rich, not in money, but (although just now perhaps not all the time) rich because I have found my metier, something I can devote myself to heart and soul and that gives inspiration and meaning to my life” — Vincent Van Gogh


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In this quote, Vincent Van Gogh is expressing that while he may not have been financially wealthy, he considers himself “immensely rich” in other more meaningful ways. Some key points:

  • He feels rich not due to money or possessions, but because he has found his “metier” – his calling, vocation or ideal occupation that suits him perfectly.
  • Art and painting provided Van Gogh with something he could dedicate himself to completely, with full passion and commitment of his “heart and soul.”
  • Having this creative focus that drove him gave his life “inspiration and meaning,” which he seems to value more highly than any monetary riches could.
  • The quote implies that truly feeling fulfilled in one’s work or purpose is a form of wealth greater than financial measures alone.

Overall, Van Gogh is conveying that finding one’s purpose or passion that brings fulfillment, even if not financially lucrative, can make one feel rich in a deeper sense through the meaning and drive it provides. His wealth lay in his art, not in money or status.

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