Vera Stravinsky on Physical Pleasure in Paris

Posted by admin on Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Funny Money Quotes: There is less emphasis on bank accounts than on physical pleasures in the romantic city. Vera Stravinsky said:
I like Paris. They don’t talk so much of money, but more of sex Quote

“I like Paris. They don’t talk so much of money, but more of sex” — Vera Stravinsky


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Vera Stravinsky seems to be commenting on the different cultural priorities she observed between Paris and other places she had lived. In Paris, people appeared more open to discussing topics like sex that were perhaps more taboo elsewhere at the time.

She implies that Parisians focused less on financial or material matters and more on intimacy and relationships. Overall, the quote suggests Paris had a more liberated atmosphere where people felt free to engage in conversations about subjects not normally discussed in other social circles at that time.

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