Tyler Hicks on Sentimental Investments

Posted by admin on Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tyler Hicks Money Quotation saying you can get overly emotional about where you put your investment money if you aren’t careful. Tyler Hicks said:
You can't be sentimental about your investments and make money from them Quote

“You can’t be sentimental about your investments and make money from them” — Tyler Hicks


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In this quote, Tyler Hicks is advising that one cannot make sound financial decisions about investments if they are overly emotional or sentimental about the money involved. To earn a profit from investments requires making choices based on objective analysis rather than subjective feelings of attachment.

The quote suggests that maintaining some emotional distance is necessary to invest money strategically and see returns. Being “sentimental” about investments implies letting personal preferences or nostalgia influence investment choices over practical considerations, which Hicks says will make it difficult to ultimately profit from those financial decisions.

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