Tweet of God: Europe Owes Greece

Posted by admin on Saturday, July 25, 2015

Funny Money Quotes: Spoof Twitter Account @TheTweetOfGod suggestion that Greece is owed for it’s contribution to rational society and should have debt forgiven. God (@TheTweetOfGod) said:
Tweet of God Greece owes Europe some money. Europe owes Greece Western civilization. Call it even? quote


“Greece owes Europe some money. Europe owes Greece Western civilization. Call it even?” – @TWeetOfGod


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In this humorous quote, the @TWeetOfGod Twitter account is playfully suggesting Greece’s debt to European nations could be considered balanced by Europe’s larger debt to Greek civilization. The reference is to ancient Greek achievements in philosophy, mathematics, science, architecture, drama, and more that formed the basis of Western culture.

By asking “Call it even?”, the tweet implies Greece’s modern financial obligations could be waived or reduced in light of Hellenic culture’s immense historical contributions that still influence European identity.

While not a serious economic argument, the quote taps into ongoing debates about austerity and debt relief by highlighting Greece’s outsized intellectual and cultural impact on the development of Western society in a way that adds some levity to the complex issues around international lending.


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