Trevor D. Richardson: Cash Making Us

Posted by admin on Monday, March 5, 2018

Trevor D. Richardson Money Quote saying it has long been expected that we all make money, but somehow money began to make us instead. Trevor D. Richardson said:
People used to make money, but somewhere along the way, it started making us Quote

“People used to make money, but somewhere along the way, it started making us” — Trevor D. Richardson


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Trevor D. Richardson seems to be commenting on a shift in modern society and economics. His view is that historically people earned money through their own work, skills and efforts. However, at some point money itself became able to generate more money independently through mechanisms like interest, returns on investments, capital appreciation and business profits.

Richardson’s quote suggests we’ve reached a stage where in many cases money now effectively “makes us” through its own growth, rather than people directly producing goods and services to earn income.

Overall he appears to be observing how the relationship between individuals, labor and financial rewards has evolved such that wealth accumulation is now often self-perpetuating through financial assets and instruments.

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