Tony Robbins: Bitcoin Like Vegas

Posted by admin on Sunday, October 1, 2017

Tony Robbins Money Quote saying that because there are lots of risks and because of the volatility in the cryptocurrency market, investing in it is like gambling. Tony Robbins said:
This is Vegas - Bitcoin fits that category for me Quote

“I’d take a certain amount of money and I’d go – ‘I know it’s just for fun I’m investing. I know I could lose. This is Vegas. And Bitcoin fits that category for me'” — Tony Robbins


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In this quote, Tony Robbins seems to be characterizing Bitcoin as a speculative, high-risk investment akin to gambling in Las Vegas. A few key points:

  • He refers to putting money into Bitcoin “just for fun” and knowing it could be lost, similar to how one might approach casino betting.
  • Robbins directly compares Bitcoin to Vegas in terms of it fitting the category of an entertainment venture where losses are a real possibility rather than a reliable store of value.
  • The quote conveys Robbins’ view that Bitcoin, like gambling, should only be invested in small amounts that one is fully prepared to lose rather than money needed for important financial goals.

Overall, Robbins appears to be cautioning against treating Bitcoin as a low-risk investment by emphasizing its inherent volatility and uncertainty, which align it more with speculative bets placed in Vegas than traditional assets. The message is Bitcoin carries significant risks of financial loss due to its unpredictability.

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