Tony Kornheiser: Greedy Fingers Boycotting

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Tony Kornheiser Money Quote saying in a humor column in the Washington Post, reprinted by LA Times in 1989, poking fun at Donald Trump for shameless self promotion. Tony Kornheiser said:
Tony Kornheiser Chop Greedy Fingers Boycotting

Revenge of the Committee to Chop off his short greedy fingers by boycotting his hotels, casinos, resorts and self-inflating sports events, Chump de Trump
— Tony Kornheiser


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This quote from sports commentator Tony Kornheiser is criticizing former President Donald Trump. It refers to Trump as “Chump de Trump” and calls for a “Committee to Chop off his short greedy fingers” in an exaggeratedly harsh way.

Kornheiser seems to be advocating for economic retaliation against Trump through boycotts of his businesses like hotels as a form of “Revenge” over policy disagreements or perceived greed and corruption.

Tony Kornheiser Trump Humor LA Times May 12, 1989

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