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Posted by admin on Thursday, September 7, 2017

Toni Fan Money Quote saying our work online will be paid enough to fully replace what we do offline to earn a living. Toni Fan said:
Data Economy online income will replace wages earned offline, allowing make a living on data Quote

“In the next stage of the data economy, online income from digital labor will replace wages earned offline, allowing us to make a living off the data we share” — Toni Fan


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In this quote, Toni Fan is predicting that in the future, income earned from digital labor and monetizing personal data online will replace traditional wages from offline jobs. Fan seems to be referring to the growing “data economy” where companies pay users or compensate them in other ways for sharing their personal data and digital activities.

The quote suggests that Fan believes digital platforms will evolve to a point where people can generate an income stream solely from the data they produce, whether through targeted ads, selling anonymized data insights, microwork like content moderation, or other emerging digital labor.

Fan is envisioning a shift where online data sharing and digital work become a mainstream way for individuals to financially support themselves without having to hold a conventional nine-to-five job.

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