Tom Robbins: Calming Effect of Cash

Posted by admin on Friday, January 4, 2013

Tom Robbins Money Quotation saying it is calming to have cash on deposit and can make one serene if there is enough. Tom Robbins said:
There is a certain Buddhistic calm that comes from having money in the bank Quote

“There is a certain Buddhistic calm that comes from having money in the bank” — Tom Robbins


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In this quote, Tom Robbins seems to be commenting on how financial security can provide peace of mind. A few key points:

  • Describing a “Buddhistic calm” implies having money saved enables a sense of relaxation, tranquility and lack of worry similar to the serenity sought in Buddhist philosophy/practice.
  • Robbins directly attributes this calm feeling to “having money in the bank,” suggesting savings act as a buffer that reduces life’s stresses.
  • The quote conveys that a cushion of funds set aside can mentally and emotionally liberate one from constant financial concerns in the manner of Eastern spiritual teachings.

Overall, Robbins appears to be suggesting wealth, or at least adequate reserves, may cultivate inner stillness by alleviating anxieties over basic needs like bills and emergencies according to his perspective. The tone presents financial stability as conducive to cultivating calm presence of mind.

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