Todd Gitlin: Trump Mind Like Steel Sieve

Posted by admin on Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Todd Gitlin Money Quote saying Donald Trump has a mind like a steel sieve – which filters and collects only money for the bank and power for his ego. Todd Gitlin said:
This is not an open mind, this is a sieve mind linked to a bank account Quote

“This is not an open mind, this is a sieve mind linked to a bank account” — Todd Gitlin


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In this quote, Todd Gitlin seems to be criticizing those who are too willing to accept information or claims without proper scrutiny or fact-checking, as long as it financially benefits them. A few key points:

  • He argues this type of thinking is not representative of truly having an “open mind” willing to consider different perspectives.
  • Rather, Gitlin describes it as a “sieve mind”, meaning ideas and statements just pass through without being weighed or evaluated for accuracy.
  • The quote suggests such a mindset is “linked to a bank account”, implying the priority is enriching oneself financially rather than seeking objective truth.
  • Gitlin appears to be accusing certain individuals or groups of selectively believing whatever is most lucrative for them personally regardless of facts.

Overall, this quote conveys Gitlin’s critique of a cynical approach to information consumption and analysis where financial gain takes precedence over intellectual honesty and rigor in examining various claims and evidence.

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