Todd Garlington: Paid Slave Enough

Posted by admin on Saturday, September 10, 2016

Todd Garlington Money Quote saying in the past it was paramount that we had our freedoms, now we accept slavery as long as it pays enough for survival. Todd Garlington said:
Once people said: Give me liberty or give me death. Now they say: Make me a slave, just pay me enough Quote

“Once people said: Give me liberty or give me death. Now they say: Make me a slave, just pay me enough” — Todd Garlington


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In this quote, Todd Garlington seems to be critiquing a shift in attitudes towards work and personal freedom. Some key points:

  • He references the famous quote “Give me liberty or give me death” as an expression of the willingness to fight or die for independence and self-determination.
  • Garlington then contrasts this with the modern sentiment of “Make me a slave, just pay me enough”, implying a willingness to sacrifice autonomy and accept restrictive working conditions as long as compensation is high.
  • The quote suggests Garlington views this as a negative change where people prioritize high pay over job satisfaction, work-life balance and control over their own time and labor.

Overall, Garlington appears to be lamenting what he sees as a diminished focus on non-monetary workplace values like meaningful work, creativity and personal freedom in favor of prioritizing high remuneration regardless of other job qualities or lack thereof. The remark critiques this perceived shift in priorities and expectations around compensation versus fulfillment and independence.

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