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Posted by admin on Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Toba Beta Money Quote saying the measure of a sales person is whether they can make us do what we don’t need to do. Toba Beta said:
You're a good salesman, if you make people buy product they don't need Quote

“You’re good salesman, if you make people buy product they don’t need” — Toba Beta


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In this quote, Toba Beta is making a comment about effective selling and marketing.

When he says someone is a “good salesman” if they can make people buy a product they don’t need, Beta is suggesting that the real test of sales skill is the ability to generate demand for something even when there isn’t a genuine need or use for it.

His statement implies that selling is more challenging but impressive when one can convince potential customers to make a purchase that is not truly necessary or useful to them.

Overall, the quote conveys Beta’s perspective that the mark of a truly talented salesperson is their capacity to stimulate want for a product above and beyond any real need, utility or value proposition it may offer the buyer.

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