Tim Berners-Lee: No Internet Fees

Posted by admin on Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Tim Berners-Lee Money Quote saying that if he had tried to make money off his invention of the web that it would not exist as we know it today. Tim Berners-Lee said:
If I had tried to demand fees... there would be no World Wide Web. There would be lots of small webs Quote

“If I had tried to demand fees… there would be no World Wide Web. There would be lots of small webs” — Tim Berners-Lee


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In this quote, Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, is reflecting on his decision not to seek patents or charge licensing fees for its use. He suggests that if he had demanded money for access, the web would never have become a globally unifying platform. Instead, it would have fragmented into many smaller, isolated networks.

Berners-Lee implies his choice to make the web freely open allowed it to spread universally, becoming the dominant digital medium it is today. Overall, the quote conveys Berners-Lee’s belief that making the core web technology available without financial barriers was key to enabling its widespread adoption and evolution into the immense global network that now interconnects much of humanity.

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