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Posted by admin on Monday, April 23, 2018

Tiffany Cross Money Quote saying during an NBC news show that Sean Hannity makes significant profits for Fox News, so they dismiss his inappropriate and inaccurate commentary as long as he’s a money-maker. Tiffany Cross said:
[Hannity] makes dollars so they don’t mind if he doesn’t make sense Quote

“[Hannity] makes dollars so they don’t mind if he doesn’t make sense”
— Tiffany Cross


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In this quote, Tiffany Cross is criticizing the fact-free or illogical commentary that is tolerated from Sean Hannity and others in cable news as long as it attracts viewers and generates revenue. Some key points:

  • Cross notes that Hannity “makes dollars” or earns substantial profits for his network through his TV program’s viewership and ratings.
  • She implies this is the reason his shows are allowed to continue “if he doesn’t make sense” or provide reasonable, evidence-based arguments and analysis.
  • As long as Hannity draws large audiences, Cross suggests, Fox News is willing to overlook the lack of factual rigor or coherent logic in much of what he says on air.
  • The quote suggests that profit motives in commercial media may undermine its function as an informer of public opinion, if hyper-partisan pundits are given free rein regardless of factual accuracy.

Overall, Cross criticizes a media environment where sensationalism and empty rhetoric can be prioritized over truthful, substantive reporting and discussion, as long as high ratings and money keep coming in from such programming.

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