Thomas Tusser: Borrowing Sorrow

Posted by admin on Saturday, March 6, 2021

Thomas Tusser Money Quote saying that if you borrow, you’ll be sorry in a lyrical sounding way. Thomas Tusser said:
He who Goeth a borrowing, goeth a sorrowing Quote

“He who Goeth a borrowing, goeth a sorrowing” — Thomas Tusser


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This quote from 16th century English writer Thomas Tusser seems to be advising caution around taking on debt. By stating that “He who Goeth a borrowing, goeth a sorrowing”, Tusser suggests that borrowing or going into debt often leads to stress, worry or other negative feelings.

The quote portrays debt as a burden that can weigh heavily on one’s mind. Overall, it appears Tusser is warning that relying on loans usually brings sorrow or regret, so it’s best to avoid borrowing if possible or only do so when truly necessary. The message seems to be that debt should not be taken on lightly, as it may come with emotional costs.

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