Thomas Fuller: Perception of Men

Posted by admin on Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thomas Fuller Money Quote saying our physical presence and clothing are only the beginning of the perception we project and wealth is the finishing touch for all. Thomas Fuller said:
God makes, and apparel shapes: but ’tis money that finishes the man Quote

God makes, and apparel shapes: but ’tis money that finishes the man” — Thomas Fuller


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Thomas Fuller is saying that while God creates humans and our clothing and appearance shape first impressions, it is money that truly completes a person’s identity and social standing.

He means that although our inherent nature and outward presentation matter, wealth and financial means allow one to fully participate in society and are seen as the final piece that rounds someone out. The quote suggests that in Fuller’s view, money was an important and perhaps necessary factor for being a “finished” or fully-realized man in his society and time period.

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