Thomas Edison: Money Value of Invention

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Thomas Edison Money Quote saying he had a sixth sense (or physical gland) which tells him how valuable an invention might be in the marketplace. Thomas Edison said:
Besides the usual inventor's make-up, the bump of practicality at a sort of appendix, the sense of the business, money value of an invention Quote

“The point in which I am different from most inventors is that I have, besides the usual inventor’s make-up, the bump of practicality as a sort of appendix, the sense of the business, money value of an invention” — Thomas Edison


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Thomas Edison is highlighting a key difference between himself and many other inventors. While he shared their creative talents for invention, Edison also had a strong “sense of the business, money value” side that he likens to an “appendix”. His point seems to be that in addition to the technical skills of inventing, he possessed an additional practical orientation focused on assessing how commercially viable an invention could be and determining its potential financial worth if brought to market.

Edison is suggesting this practical “bump” allowed him to not just invent things but also recognize their business potential and profitability in a way many inventors did not. He saw the value in considering real-world application and demand – not just the inventing itself – giving him an edge over those who may have been more theoretically or experimentally minded without this practical business sense.

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