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Meaning of Terry Pratchett Money Quote: saying New ways to grow money compared to how mushrooms grow in manure and without light. Terry Pratchett said:

Whole new theories of money were growing here like mushrooms: in the dark and based on bullshit Quote

“Whole new theories of money were growing here like mushrooms: in the dark and based on bullshit” — Terry Pratchett


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This quote from Terry Pratchett suggests that unconventional or questionable ideas about money can proliferate in an undisciplined manner, much like mushrooms growing rapidly in the dark without sunlight or oversight. Some key points in interpreting his perspective:

  • Pratchett implies that where financial theories are propagated without rigorous examination, fanciful or baseless notions may spread unchecked.
  • He portrays the unfettered spread of economic ideas not grounded in evidence or reason as resembling the haphazard growth of mushrooms in the absence of light and scrutiny.
  • Pratchett’s perspective conveys the viewpoint that open debate and accountability help distinguish between well-reasoned theories and those lacking foundation or validity when it comes to important topics like monetary policy.
  • However, reasonable experts can disagree respectfully and in good faith on complex issues, and progress often emerges from open exchange of perspectives rather than condemnation of dissent.

Overall, the quote reflects Pratchett’s belief that unsubstantiated financial notions proliferate without review and discussion. But the best interpretation considers this perspective as one viewpoint, and recognizes the importance of pragmatic oversight while also fostering respectful sharing of diverse ideas from all sides through civic participation and evidence-based policymaking that protects communities by weighing multiple factors in service of equitable problem-solving over time.

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