Ted Lieu: Believe in Math OR Trump Budget

Posted by admin on Monday, June 5, 2017

Ted Lieu Money Quote saying basic mathematics ignored in proposed Trump budget. Ted Lieu said:
You can believe in MATH or you can believe in the Trump Budget. You cannot do both Quote

“You can believe in MATH or you can believe in the Trump Budget. You cannot do both” — Ted Lieu


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In this quote, Ted Lieu is strongly criticizing aspects of the Trump administration’s federal budget proposal. By stating that one must choose between believing in “MATH” (facts and data) or the “Trump Budget”, Lieu is implying the two are inherently contradictory and incompatible. The interpretation is that Lieu views key components of the budget plan as unrealistic, unsubstantiated or contradicted by objective analysis. His perspective conveys that the budget relies more on conjecture than concrete calculations and projections validated by facts.

The overall message is that Lieu presents a choice between credibility or loyalty – suggesting the budget cannot and should not be logically defended or believed simultaneously with rigorous fact-based reasoning. Lieu’s statement aims to portray the budget proposal as fundamentally at odds with rational scrutiny according to mathematical and economic metrics.


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