Ted Deutch: Wealthy Speech Isn’t Free

Posted by admin on Friday, June 23, 2017

Ted Deutch Money Quote saying Citizens United Supreme Court decision allows wealthy and corporations to amplify their speech and makes speech unequal for citizens – so it must be overturned. Ted Deutch said:
Free speech isn't free if only the wealthy can afford it Quote

Free speech isn’t free if only the wealthy can afford it” — Ted Deutch


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In this quote, Ted Deutch is expressing concern that the ability to freely express oneself in the political process is under threat if only those with wealth can effectively participate and be heard. By stating that free speech is not truly “free” if only the wealthy “can afford it”, Deutch implies that without regulations, disproportionate financial influence allows certain voices to drown out others simply due to disparities in means of amplification.

The interpretation is that Deutch views unfettered political spending as endangering free expression principles by giving undue megaphone advantages to monied interests over average citizens. His perspective conveys that free speech protections ring hollow if financial clout determines whose views reach the widest audiences, rather than the force of one’s ideas alone.

The overall message is that Deutch presents protecting political equality and grassroots participation as vital to preserving free speech norms that should not be contingent on monetary resources alone.


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